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Let’s turn your great stories into reality. We have broadcasting credits with 20+ years in television news and corporate video, in addition to shooting several seasons of DIY, HGTV and Food Network. The key to shining on camera is figuring out how to connect with your audience. We’ll help you harness the power of YouTube so your company shines with just the right exposure!

Our 3-Step Process for Great Results: Prepare, Shoot and Broadcast

Reach new customers with video, business-to-consumer or business-to-business. Simply put, we shoot and let you shine. Expand your audience whether at work, home or out on the town. Put your products and services in front and center screen. No body is putting down their smartphones, especially millennials. We believe broadcasting your business online is the smartest move you could make.

Fundraising Video Production for Non Profit

Ready for Primetime, Anytime!

We are broadcast video producers who use interviews and headlines to shape your business for video marketing. We write for the ear, not a brochure. We jazz up shoots with a jib, or dynamic camera angle. Uncover an arsenal of film equipment in our truckload of gear. We appreciate a conversational tone and pick tracks of music that fit your audience, not the CFO. We prefer interviewing real customers and casting actual employees in our videos, to keep it real. This approach keeps our videos approachable and relevant. This style translates into high Return on Investment which is why we started an e-video business in the Minneapolis St. Paul, Minnesota.

We have decades of experience interviewing real people and can get anybody ready for primetime. We cover every angle behind the scenes, from lighting to prime lens’ and aerials. Multi-tasking is part of being a good video producer. The ability to think on your feet and redirect or reset the scene requires good preparation. That’s step one in any preproduction plan. Organize equipment, hire crews, choose location and a shot sheet while matching it all with the budget. We have a knack for getting things done on a very tight shooting schedule. After so many years spent on news deadlines, we move faster than most Twin Cities video production crews. Collaboration and teamwork are the key to both effective and creative results. Our ambitious, yet energetic pace saves our clients money. From concept to completion, there’s nothing better than producing great videos that last for years!

Testimonials Mean Results in Online Marketing

The things that separate Peterson Productions out from other companies I looked at was the integrity of the content and the approach. You helped us with scripting. That was most important. The editing piece of it made a big difference in how it flowed. The realism of our customers talking connected with our purchasers. – Craig Patnode, CEO, Eldermark Software

We make effective videos for a wide range of purposes, including.

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